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Maximise Leadership Academy 2023-24


  • To develop and invest in leaders and potential leaders to serve within our churches and beyond, by equipping them to lead themselves and others

  • To create a community of developing leaders across our churches who will learn from each other, sharpen one another and support each other in the present and the future

  • To create a pipeline of leaders who will help grow and develop our churches and pioneer and plant new projects, communities and churches

Summary:   The Leadership Academy is a one year process, not an event. It is by invitation only and it has 3 main elements:

Input :  There will be 3 in-person gatherings for all participants and mentors, with input from significant leaders. There will also be a couple of online gatherings over zoom.

Mentoring:  These gatherings will be supplemented by monthly mentoring sessions, supporting you in processing the input and helping you to implement it in your life and leadership.

Leadership Responsibility/Experience:   All participants will be engaged in some practical form of leadership in local church/community so that it is not just theory but practice!

Therefore participants would be expected to commit to the following:

·         being engaged in some aspect of leadership in their local church

·         being able to commit to enter fully into the LA’s 1-year programme, including the 3 in-person gatherings and monthly mentoring sessions

·         being willing to pay some of the cost of the LA. The cost to be paid when registering is £60, but this does not cover the Maximise Weekend at the Quinta. Mentors will not be expected to pay, other than for the Maximise weekend.


Leadership Academy Dates:

Sun Oct 8th         7.15-9pm           Online gathering on zoom           Intro: Good soil and Good stewards

Fri/Sat Nov 24th/25th                     In-person 24 hours connected with the Maximise Gathering at the LifeCentre (accommodation provided)                          Laying Foundations: Personal Maturity

Sun Jan 28th      7.15-9pm           Online gathering on Zoom           Leadership Lessons: Andy Hawthorne

Saturday March 16th                    In-person Day at the LifeCentre 10-4pm Building on the Foundations: Developing people and team    

Fri-Sun May 10th-12th                   In-person weekend connected with the Maximise Gathering at the Quinta                                        Taking New Ground


Participation is by invitation only and agreed through your local church leadership team. You must be registered no later than Sept 25th.

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